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Starting this week and continuing through the spring we'll be putting up weekly postings by members of the Scarlet staff. Suri starts us off this week: 

For those of you who attended the recent workshop "empowerment through feminist publication" my reflection will not come as a surprise. I wrote it as a part of my application for Smith College. The prompt was about the relevancy of women's education. I do, or course, believe in its importance but I couldn't really articulate why until I attended the workshop. So I suppose Dare (our editor) could say "mission accomplished". I just wanted to say how inspiring it was to watch so many girls become vocal and come up with ideas for the magazine. Here it is:

I recently attended a workshop hosted by my school called "empowerment through feminist publication". The focus of the workshop was to prepare girls in grades seven through twelve to write for a school publication. The publication is a feminist magazine that focuses on encouraging girls to embrace an alternative view of womanhood from that of the popular media. I have been a contributor for the magazine over the past few years.  I was amazed by the enthusiasm and productivity that each girl showed. It is truly incredible to watch how women and girls interact in an academic setting I truly led me to believe that women's education is not only relevant but also inspiring.
brenn richards
3/23/2010 11:33:42 pm

I love idea of girls writing about things that happen everyday but are shadowed all through out the world because, they are uncomfortable and new. I feel from reading this magazine is a felling of togetherness and not being alone.

10/24/2010 02:15:17 pm

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